Abs everyday on steroids

Ab Principle #1: Making your abs visible is all about how low your BF (bodyfat) percent is.
Ab Principle #2: You must eat less than your maintenance caloric intake.
Ab Principle #3: Protein consumption should be -2g/lb of bodyweight.
Ab Principle #4: Avoid simple sugars, accept post workout.
Ab Principle #5: Have 1 cheat meal every week.
Ab Principle #6: Do not go on a low carb diet.
Ab Principle #7: Perform high intensity cardiovascular exercise 2-3 times weekly.
Ab Principle #8: Train abs with resistance, with 8-15 reps.
Ab Principle #9: Do not do ultra high rep ab work.
Ab Principle #10: Stay motivated, and be consistent!

I have written to you before and have lost weight. I followed very strict dieting and followed your Fu*k being Fat. I'm now at 98kg and want to go 75kg. I also take Green Tea pills from Zenwise Labs-Advanced Green Tea Extract. I'm taking 2pills Everyday and I choose this because of ingredients in the other Green Tea pills. I drink a lot water. I'm still watery and have water belly. My questions are:
1) can I drink water while exercising and how much?
2) should I take warm water or cold water right after exercise. I drink about 2litre everyday tap water. Should I change to cool water for this too?
3) a friend of mine recommends drip dry from Magnum. I already take MusclePharm Assult powder for my prework. Can I take the drip dry or should avoid it. I want to get rid of the watery body.

Abs everyday on steroids

abs everyday on steroids


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