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That’s sort of what I was thinking. “As long as it stays closed I know I am not in hot water.” Still, you would be hard pressed to find anywhere in an American workplace where that phrase would be considered acceptable on any piece of equipment. Especially if your position was customer or public facing. How long do you think a reporter would last with “You’re F****d” on their microphone, a utility worker would be employed with the same on the bucket of their cherry picker, or a taxi driver with it taped to their meter?

IN SUMMER 1977, the Sex Pistols were on the run – hounded by knife-wielding gangs and harried by the establishment – but by the end of the year they’d struck a blow for artistic freedom that would ring down the decades. This month MOJO revisits punk’s apogee and delivers a 15-track FREE CD of punk rock scorchers, featuring The Damned, Vibrators, Adverts, Television Personalities and more. Also in the issue: the rise & fall of The Allman Brothers; the last days of Marc Bolan; the wit and wisdom of Randy Newman; Alice Cooper’s personality crisis; the legend of Bright Phoebus. Plus: inside the Morrissey biopic; Steve Winwood goes EDN (WTF?); Can are born; Anita Pallenberg passes on; new albums by Queens Of The Stone Age, Arcade Fire, The War On Drugs, The Fall, Steven Wilson and many many more.

Led Zeppelin Then As it Was – At Knebworth 1979
To mark the forthcoming 38th anniversary of the Led Zeppelin Knebworth concerts I am relaunching the Then As It Was Led Zeppelin at Knebworth book.
The book is available at a bargain price of £10 plus postage and packing.
If you have yet to indulge here is a full background of the contents:
Led Zeppelin Then As it Was – At Knebworth 1979 Written and compiled by Dave Lewis.
The contents…
Hardback style book in the same size as the Feather In The Wind book …

Buy marc bolan t shirt

buy marc bolan t shirt


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