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7.  Takes note of the recommendations of the International Seminar on the Role of Religious Communities in the Management of World Heritage properties, organized in Kiev, Ukraine, in November 2010, and requests the World Heritage Centre, in collaboration with the Advisory Bodies, to elaborate a thematic paper proposing to States Parties general guidance regarding the management of their cultural and natural heritage of religious interest, and in compliance with the national specificities, inviting States Parties to provide voluntary contributions to this end;   

“In the space of two hours we have experienced two assassination attempts: one was done with a gun, the other was judicial,” said Can Dündar, speaking in front of the court after the verdict was announced Friday, May 6. “The [jail sentences] we received are not just to silence us. The bullet was not just to silence us. This was done to all of us, to scare us into silence, to make us stop talking", he added, according to reports. Dündar, editor-in-chief of Turkish daily Cumhuriyet , and fellow journalist Erdem Gül, its Ankara bureau chief, were acquitted on charges of trying to overthrow the government, but convicted of publishing secret state documents. Dündar was sentenced to five years and 10 months in prison and Gül to five years. “This is a verdict against journalism and we don’t accept it,” said Gül. The verdict came on a dramatic day in which an attacker fired several shots in quick succession at Dündar, who was unharmed. NTV television reported that one of its reporters had suffered minor injuries from ricocheting bullets. The Press Emblem Campaign (PEC) condemns the verdict and the attack against the journalists and urges the court of appeal to acknowldege that Dündar and Gül were only doing their job.

East german emblem

east german emblem


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