East german tv shows

TNT is hoping to demonstrate that German dramas don’t have to delve into the country’s past to attract international audiences. Its show “4 Blocks,” which
begins rolling out worldwide Oct. 4 on Amazon Prime Video, focuses on an Arab-German crime ring in present-day Berlin. “The Valley,” a mystery thriller, has been picked up by Shudder, the niche streaming service run by AMC Networks. “What we’re seeing now is the variety of German dramas,” says Hannes Heyelmann, Turner’s senior VP for international original programming strategy. “It’s not just one genre we can cover.”

J. WINGER: Well, I was doing my service in the West German military at the time. And I was actually listening to the Russian troops in the GDR. I had studied Russian for six months, and I listened to the conversations between the Russian troops. And one day - or I think it was Christmas - the Russians called us out by our names and wished us Merry Christmas, which was the moment where we realized that we had moles on the base, who gave the Russians all the information. And so, at the time, we were wondering, you know, who could that be? You know, is it my neighbor or my boss or - and so I told the story to Anna. And for years we thought about, you know, how can we turn this into a great story? And then, Anna had the great idea of using the perspective of the East German mole. And that was kind of the beginning of the whole project.

The impact of the writers’ walkout was felt across the entertainment industry, from actors to caterers to editors to set designers to animal wranglers. According to the Los Angeles Times , the chief economist for the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation estimated the strike resulted in a loss to the local economy of more than $3 billion. The Times article stated: “Of that total, an estimated $772 million came from lost wages for writers and production workers, $981 million from various businesses that service the industry, including caterers and equipment rental houses, and $ billion from the ripple effect of consumers not spending as much at retail shops, restaurants and car dealers.”

East german tv shows

east german tv shows


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