East german uniform guide

One of the final pieces of the puzzle is the Y-straps or suspenders. This can be confusing for many as they are very basic, along with their attachment. Starting at the rear, attach the suspenders at the center of the rear of the belt following the line of your spine. The hook on the rear should sit above the belt with the extra length of strap and metal ring going behind and under the belt then back to attach to the hook. You should then adjust the Y-straps so that the part where the three sections come together sit in the center of your back as well the double d-rings should sit just below your shoulders. The double d-rings play a important part as they are the attachment points for the assault packs. The front straps for the suspenders needs to be routed over your shoulders with the right hand side being attached between the magazine pouch straps and the left hand side attached right beside the bayonet. The second set of straps on the front with the d-ring is to be used when wearing the assault pack.

East german uniform guide

east german uniform guide


east german uniform guideeast german uniform guideeast german uniform guideeast german uniform guideeast german uniform guide