Legit ugl steroids

Back to the OP. You bring up an excellent point that you kinda stirred indirectly. Your friend trying to sell you, or mixing the gear underpowered. Its really only underpowered if he does not state the concentration ( how many mgs per ML). HOWEVER, this brings up another good point and problem with buying crap from UGLS, or WORSE, folks that dont know what the hell they are doing. SO imagine some idiot decides to “cut” his powder with something, because he thinks he can “step on it’ like cocaine. So now you are injecting WHAT??? He could be so ignorant that he may believe that he needs to “replace” the powder with a substitute prior to mixing.!!! 😮 Or simply get powder that is diluted with another “powder” before he mixes it. The whole concept is pretty scarry. While steriods dont kill people, that sure as hell can!!! Most drug addicts dont even realize that you can even grind up and shoot just any old medication. Even medications have properties that wont dilute/distribute in the body and cause deep vein thrombosis, etc.

Legit ugl steroids

legit ugl steroids


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