Milk thistle tablets steroids

What I should share is that in order to promote healthy estrogen balance within our bodies, we have to consider how herbal phytoestrogens protect us from harmful xenoestrogens (toxins), which come from human-made chemicals (herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers to name a few) and are found in conventional foods, personal and body care products, paper products… a great many of the things many use in their daily lives. Xenoestrogens may cause estrogen dominance. Because of this we must consider liver supporting herbs for natural detoxification. The liver helps to filter toxins from the body, including excess hormones, and when the body has detoxified from toxins, our good, beneficial hormones are able to connect with hormone receptor sites and benefit various body systems.

Silymarin is thought to be the primary active ingredient in milk thistle. The dose believed to be most effective for liver protection is 420 mg of silymarin daily. A good herbal product should display exactly how much silymarin is contained in each dose, typically 80 percent. The conscious consumer will need to do some math to determine how much is needed for the proper dosage. For example, if a product contains 175 mg of 80 percent silymarin per tablet, each tablet contains 140 mg of silymarin and four tablets should be taken each day.

Milk thistle tablets steroids

milk thistle tablets steroids


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