New york times steroid use

clay, i think you’re looking at the report in the wrong way…his sources are guys from new york. of course the majority of their “clients” will be from new york. theres nothing in the report deilivered with malice, its just an outline of what he found out. the major point of the report isnt even to tell everyone who used, its to give an outline of drug use and suggest how to fix it, which is what it does…of course being the insane new york fans that always show up in these things, no one sees that. and until clemens get summoned to speak b4 congress he cant go under oath…so everyone who says “talk is cheap unless hes under oath”, he cant just show up at congress and say put me under oath…thats not how it works. whether he used or not, same with bonds (who admitted he used it but that he didnt know what it was) theyre hall of famers. judge them by thier peers. even if everyone in the major leagues was on steroids, they were still far and away the best…and by the way, there are cheaters in the hall of fame, guys who threw spitballs, guys who made it clear they were sliding into second trying to hurt you, guys who threw fastball at batters heads before they wore helmets…as long as they keep score, players will try to gain an advantage, its the nature of sport.

Amen John Harrington and Andrew. There are much more important things for our Congress to be working on than baseball. We are just wasting our tax dollars here. Why won’t they tackle a much more important issue. For example: healthcare, gas prices, subprime scandal, recession, Iraq and Afganistan Wars, loss of manufacturing jobs, etc… I don’t think steroids in baseball ranks above any that I have mentioned. What is the ROI on this investigation? I would rather know that my kid will have a country to inherit, that still speaks English and not Chinese or Arabic in 15 years.

No charges have been filed yet, but a source close to the gym tells New Times that Rodriguez was affiliated with the website  Wellness Fitness & Nutrition Network . The site was allegedly run in part out of a space above the gym, though New Times could find no online links between Rodriguez and the site. The company lists a business address on 71st Street in Miami Beach. A woman who answered the phone there confirmed Rodriguez is connected to the website and promised to pass along a message to him; she said the site was still up and running and she had not spoken to any federal agents.

New york times steroid use

new york times steroid use


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