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Livia, your English is fine and you gave a comprehensive history. When a dog has a stroke, the best course of care is supportive and treating the underlying condition; many times the cause of the stroke cannot be established but may be due to septic emboli which is probably why your Veterinarian put Miky on antibiotics (just to cover that possibility). Helping Miky to defecate can be either cleaning after him when he has messed himself or assisting him outside and supporting his weight for when he goes. Seventeen is a good age, the prognosis isn’t very favourable and the chance for recovery would be based on the severity of the stroke and the part of the brain affected and the time taken before care was given. Regards Dr Callum Turner DVM

V. Tangle  - The judge calls tangle when a dog gets tangled in the pull equipment in a way that could potentially cause injury, or when a dog begins pulling or tries to pull when one or more legs are outside the harness. - The judge calls tangle when the dog moves so far back, that it touches the cart or gets behind the start line. - It is not considered a tangle if a dog steps out of the harness but steps back in the harness before moving forward. - The handler has the right to point out tangle to the judge; however, the judge must approve the tangle before the handler is allowed to intervene. The judge can deny the tangle request. - The dog is unhooked and the misstep can be corrected. The dog must start again and the handler must get the judge’s permission before leaving the dog, as would be the case at a regular start. - The time stops when equipment tangle has been called. The time will resume once the handler has passed the finish line or the cart’s front axel, or when the dog starts moving. - The cart may not be moved unless it is caught in the fence. If the cart is caught in the fence it must be put straight. If the cart has to be moved back to get it in position, a re-start from the start line is required. - If the handler intentionally gets the dog tangled the pull will not be approved. - If the dog spins around, it’s a tangle. (Wheels or rail) - A tangle counts as a warning. Two warnings, per round, for whatever reason equals a non-valid pull (this does not apply to the warnings given out in the holding area).

Pitbull dogs on steroids

pitbull dogs on steroids


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