Post workout anabolic supplements

Honestly the best Protein shake I've ever tasted. It contains the right amount of carbs:protein for my body type, and doesn't have the awful artificial taste of other Protein blends i've tried (and i'm talking about the crap you buy in Holland and barrett/Tesco for way over the price).

I get an upset stomach with cheaper protein blends, and I'm absolutely fine with this. Also have seen good results over the past 3 months, really seen an increase in muscle mass and 6-8kg weight increase. So far have tried Banana, Strawberry and Chocolate Deluxe. Wanted White Chocolate next, so hoping you'll have more stock of this again soon? Again, top notch supplements, will be back time and time again.

“For me, I always recommend a combination of protein, carbohydrate and fat at every meal and snack (this is the basis of The 1:1:1 Formula in my book),” Batayneh said. “The body uses carbohydrates as an immediate energy source- great for the cardio routine but remember your muscles need recovery after resistance/strength training which is where protein comes in. The key thing when we are fueling for activity is that our energy is sustained and that our blood sugar is stable, otherwise we will be in store for a lack luster workout and a desire to likely overeat afterwards due to sheer hunger. This is why the combination of all 3 macronutrients in key (Fats that we typically find in healthy and clean bars/snacks area likely to come from seeds and nuts).”

Post workout anabolic supplements

post workout anabolic supplements


post workout anabolic supplementspost workout anabolic supplementspost workout anabolic supplementspost workout anabolic supplementspost workout anabolic supplements