Pro wrestlers after steroids

Guerrero returned to the WWF on the April 1, 2002 episode of Raw , attacking Rob Van Dam . He feuded with Van Dam defeating him for his second WWF Intercontinental Championship at Backlash . After retaining the title against Van Dam at Insurrextion and Judgment Day , he finally lost the belt to Van Dam on the May 27 episode of Raw in a ladder match Guerrero then feuded with Steve Austin , but Austin left the WWE before a match could take place. Chris Benoit returned to WWE the night Guerrero lost the title and reunited with him. Guerrero and Benoit feuded with Ric Flair for a while and Guerrero even lost a match to Flair at King of the Ring . On an episode of Raw, Eddie Guerrero came out interrupting The Rock the night after he had won the undisputed title. Guerrero then challenged him to a match after cutting a long promo for the main event that night. Guerrero lost a match to The Rock , challenging him for a #1 contendership for the Undisputed Championship .

Even in the WWE, the pay for most wrestlers isn't great. Not everyone you see on screen is a well-paid regular -- local wrestlers are hired all the time for shows, often not even to wrestle. Sometimes scripts call for "security guards" or some other extras to get in on the action, like if the story involves a fight breaking out backstage, and nine times out of 10 local wrestlers are hired for that event . A lucky few get to enter " squash matches " where they get to fight a billed wrestler (and lose badly, to make the star wrestler look strong). I know some wrestlers who worked for the WWE in a few minor appearances; the top pay was around $3,000 for the tournament. While that is a quick buck, remember, most of these wrestlers then have to go right back to their regular jobs.

Bleacher Report gave the film a positive review stating "It isn't trying to be smart or groundbreaking, just a lot of big, silly, violent fun." but noted that the movie would appeal most to wrestling fans, as some of the plot's elements and humor are confusing, as they require that the viewer has prior knowledge of the wrestlers' history. [9] Though Fangoria panned the film overall, as they felt that "Instead of capitalizing on the concept and going full-force, PRO WRESTLERS VS. ZOMBIES stretches its novelty to the breaking point by sitting on a repetitive story structure." [10]

Pro wrestlers after steroids

pro wrestlers after steroids


pro wrestlers after steroidspro wrestlers after steroidspro wrestlers after steroidspro wrestlers after steroidspro wrestlers after steroids