Pulsing dbol results

agreed with below, i pulse my anadrol and dbol when incorporated in a cycle, anadrol is easier to gauge sides etc, there is a few tricks of the trade that can be used, but it would be unorthodox to put out in open forum, i sometimes stack my anadrol and dbol together and pulse them, there is a few reason why pulsing is beneficial, one being toxicity and health related issues, you really gotta know how your body reacts with orals like this, not only from experience, but you need bloods as well whether it would be 2 on 2 off, 3 on 2 off etc etc, you have to check your liver values and lipids, but the "time off" in the pulsing is helping the liver catch up and hopefully re-generate itself a bit, this time is good for your proper liver supps, gyno, estro etc etc is just a quarter of it, but in this instance i would just do the kicker, maybe try a pulse next time, maybe use something more mild to gauge how you respond. good luck

You'd be fine with 30mg.. 20mg is a little low imo for optimal results if you're looking for good gains... Don't run the nolva if you don't need to, if you do get sore nips (you'd know if it was gyno) as it feels sore, then take the nolva.. no point in taking them straight away if you don't need to, you don't get tits over night lol. RE Proviron etc, some use but with Dbol alone i'd leave it, at 160lbs a bit of water retention will help the gains as most of the water is retained in the muscles, if you used something like prov it would slow gains

Pulsing dbol results

pulsing dbol results