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On a person note, I have skied since I was in the second grade. I grew up in a part of the country where we had half days on Wednesday and Friday so we could lean to ski. I have long followed Alpine skiing and snowboarding forever, long before it was cool to. And have known individuals who trained for the Olympic ski team and made it. And some who passed away in the pursuit of it. I have long cheered for Lindsey Vonn because of her amazing talent. However, for the first time I will find myself not cheering for Lindsey not to win Olympic gold. Not because she isn’t a Trump fan, but because she is so ignorant and bias in her beliefs, that she is acting like the very individual she thinks that Donald Trump is. It is sad that athletes think they have to mouth off and tell us about their political beliefs. WE DON’T CARE!!! Sports and the Olympics is an escape from politics. Thanks for ruining that Lindsey.

“This is a message to you, the neoliberals, the SJWs, the blue pills, the antifa, whatever you want to call yourselves. This is why you lost, part 2. You lost because you told the poor, white working families in rural Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan that despite losing their jobs, despite their factories closing down and their communities emptying out, that they were the privileged ones, because of their skin color. That they benefit from white privilege. You guys are the privileged ones. You guys are so f****** out of touch. You’re sitting in your big, comfy chairs in your large office spaces in the ivory towers of university sociology departments, and you actually think that we working class people give two sh*** and a f*** about your identity politics. You think we care about intersectional trans-feminism when – look, I come from a working class family, alright, and the struggle doesn’t discriminate. The struggle is the same. Our parents work their hands off to provide a better future for us so that we don’t have to struggle. And when their jobs left, that dream left with them. And you think we care about identity politics, when the first thing that pops into our minds when we wake up is whether or not we’re going to make the rent this month, whether or not we have money for food in our budget, or whether or not our bronze tier Obamacare plan covers little Brittney’s weird cough. Brittney is sick, so sick. We don’t know what’s wrong with her; it might be because we don’t have enough money, we can only afford to feed her cold chicken tenders. And yet you guys are the real racist ones, but you’ve redefined the word racism to mean power, privilege, and prejudice. You’ve twisted the definition so that we can’t use the word against you, but you can use it against us and against anybody who disagrees with you, because under this new definition, all white people are racists, all people who defend white people are either racists themselves or self-hating Uncle Toms or Uncle Changs. You call people who disagree with you racist, sexist, Nazis. You don’t listen to us when we try to tell you why we believe what we believe. You’ve demonized us and dehumanized us, so in your mind it’s okay to punch us, because what’s more American than punching a Nazi! ”

From the details relayed to the media, it’s unclear what the remaining 13 are suspected of, whether or not they’ve been brought before a judge, or if the court ordered their release.
It’s also unclear whether an Arab activist whose arrest has been extended due to a satirical Facebook post regarding the fires is included among the arrestees mentioned by the police.
The police said it will publish the information regarding the 13 suspects in the coming days, even though there’s no legal obstacle to making this information public now.

Romney bush on steroids

romney bush on steroids


romney bush on steroidsromney bush on steroidsromney bush on steroidsromney bush on steroidsromney bush on steroids