Steroids affecting the body

          With regard to sperm production, the long-term use of steroids can cause a condition called azoospermia. The sperm count declines, and those that are made become inactive and/or deformed. In short, a chronic steroid user may eventually fire blanks when it comes to having sex, although steroid use may actually enhance libido. In one case study a bodybuilder who used steroids for five years became azoospermatic (Turek et al., 1995). It took extensive intervention with gonadotropic agents to stimulate his system enough to produce normal sperm, although he was eventually able to father the child that he so desperately desired.

I'm looking for something new, several years i'm doing each muscle group at the certain day and do not mix them. Like Monday chest & biceps, Wednesday back and triceps, Friday Legs and shoulders. And it's really hard to stay all other days without a visit to the gym!!! One more thing is if I do legs only once in the week, every time its like a first time! I mean painful. What you think if I would change it to Muscle & Strength Intermediate Full Body Workout would it do any better? And what should I do the other days as can't keep my self home :) by the way im 35.
Thanks in advance!

Medications – Some medications can affect wound healing. Steroids are one example. High doses of steroids can suppress both the immune system and inflammation (remember, not all inflammation is bad!). Steroids can decrease the synthesis of collagen and impact its strength. Chemotherapy is designed to destroy cells and is always damaging to healing. NSAIDS have also been implicated in a delay in wound healing. It is thought that because NSAIDS decrease inflammation, they can impair wound healing by suppressing the inflammatory phase of healing; however, research has not really borne out this school of thought at least thus far. What is known is that NSAIDS are associated with a decrease in the tensile strength of wounds.

Steroids affecting the body

steroids affecting the body


steroids affecting the bodysteroids affecting the bodysteroids affecting the bodysteroids affecting the bodysteroids affecting the body