Tbol itchy scalp

Just an fyi, some of us are allergic to our own perspiration. Not only all areas of normal perspiration as under arms, pressure points at bra lines, panty lines but also for those of us who sweat at our scalp. I had never thought about this until my mother mentioned that my father was allergic to his own perspiration. If I get hot and sweaty my scalp itches as well as my under arms and pressure points resulting in need of an immediate shower and shampooing of my hair. Some people do not think about this but if you have allergies it’s quite possible.

Wintertime can be one of the most stressful times for our hair. The cold weather can transform our once healthy, beach-waved locks from the summer into a dry, unruly mess. And your locks aren’t the only ones suffering: Cold weather can also dry out your scalp. A flaky dry scalp is never fun to deal with, and can lead to flaking, itching and irritation all over your head, so make sure you’re treating your scalp properly. If your scalp has seen better days, then relieve your seasonally dry, itchy scalp by treating it with these quenching tips and tricks:

Tbol itchy scalp

tbol itchy scalp