Tbol jijel

So I'm currently in week 6 and will be finishing the tbol run next week. The strength gains have been great, I went from a 110kg bench to 125kg bench (3x8) Dead 130kg to 150kg, squat 115kg to 130kg (3x8). Pumps are awesome in the gym. vascular pretty much all the time. The other thing worth mentioning is mood - have been feeling so focused and driven since starting the cycle, not just in the gym but also career wise and relationships. good overall wellbeing mood. The EQ should be starting to kick in soon, and ive also added in 350 tren ace for the next 9 weeks to assist in recomp. Cals have been set at 3000/day. Weight has gone from 93kg to 99kg over the last 6 weeks. I'll post another update in a few weeks. AI is in on the lower normal end (2 x asin per week). Hope this helps.

Tbol jijel

tbol jijel


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