Topical steroids for pets

How can you protect your pet?
If you use a topical pain relief product, it’s critical to keep these medications away from your dog or cat. If you apply a topical cream or lotion, avoid touching your pet for several hours and only after thoroughly washing. Be careful contacting couches, chairs and bedding with these preparations. Curious cats and dogs may lick residues and become poisoned. Cats may be affected by tiny amounts of flurbiprofen and there may be risk of continued exposure to tiny amounts over several days or weeks.  

Veterinarians have been seeing an increase in inadvertent poisonings from topical medications over the past several years. Hormone and testosterone gels, cancer medications, nicotine patches, topical steroids and pain treatments have all been reported to cause accidental toxicity in pets. This latest FDA warning reminds us that as we seek convenience and relief for ourselves, there may be unintended consequences for our pets. Treat your pain, but remember even our most seemingly safe medications may be deadly to our furry family members.

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Keeping the applicator upright, patients should place it up into the axilla and wipe steadily down and up into the axilla. If the solution drips or runs, it can be wiped back up with the applicator. The solution should not be rubbed into the skin with fingers or hand. The process is then repeated with application of 30 mg of testosterone (1 twist actuation) to the other axilla to achieve a total of 60 mg of testosterone applied. For patients prescribed the 90 mg dose of testosterone, the procedure is the same, but three applications are required. To dose 120 mg of testosterone, four applications are required alternating left and right for each application as shown in Table 1. When repeat application to the same axilla is required, the axilla should be allowed to dry completely before more AXIRON is applied.

Topical steroids for pets

topical steroids for pets


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