Wallace and darwin steroids

  Still Having Trouble Finding Things?   If so, try using the following three lists as a means of coming up with searchable names and terms: (1) the 'Wallace Thesaurus' (which lists places, terms, and titles in one way or another connected with Wallace; (2) the 'Personal Names Index' (which lists the names of people and corporate entities found in Wallace's published writings); or (3) the 'General Subject Index' (which associates Wallace's published writings with a list of general subjects).  

How do we know about the history behind Charles Darwin’s and Alfred Russel Wallace’s voyages and their discoveries? How do we know about the evidence that led them to their revolutionary ideas about the natural origin of species? This knowledge comes from reading Darwin’s and Wallace’s scientific writings, journals, and letters. In this activity, students have the opportunity to read first hand several passages of Darwin’s and Wallace’s writings and extract information from the texts. This activity is appropriate for all levels of high school biology and other life science classes. It also provides a curriculum resource that addresses Common Core language arts requirements for the science content area.

Wallace and darwin steroids

wallace and darwin steroids


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