Where can i buy t bolts

Ruby bolts (e) are also used against the Corporeal Beast with a high ranged level. However, because of the beast's damage cap, the attack will only hit up to a maximum of 10,000, instead of the theoretical 40,000 life points. Other opponents with a very large number of life points against which the effect is useful include the avatars of Creation and Destruction from Soul Wars , as well as the Decaying avatar and Nomad from Nomad's Requiem with a maximum life of 750 instead of the theoretical 2,000 life points. In addition the Queen Black Dragon can take up to 1,000 life points damage from this effect. These are also good for Ice strykewyrms , which have 3,000 life points. They may also be used in certain situations against a Tormented Demon. In theory, one could hit up to 6,000 life points on Nex with the special effect of these bolts, which would make killing her much easier and could make trips as short as a few minutes, however the effect's damage on her is capped at 500.

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Where can i buy t bolts

where can i buy t bolts


where can i buy t boltswhere can i buy t boltswhere can i buy t boltswhere can i buy t boltswhere can i buy t bolts